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Skiing in upstate New York on a family trip

Our view of New Hampshire was worth the hike


Our friends have called us Bralex since we started dating. Over the years, Brad introduced Alex to the beauty of West Texas and Alex showed Brad his home in California. Together we explored New York. We want our child to share our curiosity about the world and love of the environment.

BRAD, by Alex

Brad is my best friend. He has a great sense of humor and is profoundly trustworthy. I know he will be an amazing father. He approaches parenthood with a focus on responsibility, but also recognizes the importance of joy. I think his sense of wonder comes from growing up in the country.

Brad has always focused on the future. He worked full time during college and later business school so he could make a secure home. He also led the charge for us to buy our home here in New York. He is the math geek in the family, and loves his work as a recruiter in finance because he gets to help people develop their careers.

In his free time, Brad writes music and sings…including some silly songs for kids!

Brad on dinner duty for a friend’s son in Brooklyn

Brad reading his favorite children’s book to our friend’s new baby

Brad rocking a friend’s baby toward nap time

Fun fact: Brad writes music and had one of his songs played on the radio!

ALEX, by Brad

I have known Alex a long time and it has been incredible to watch him become the man he is. Alex is outgoing, hardworking and loyal. He has a true sense of right and wrong that keeps us both focused on our shared goals. He works in children’s publishing, and he believes that learning and education are the keys to a child’s future.

Alex is the photographer in the family. People feel comfortable around Alex and trust him to take their picture. Alex introduced me to the museums of New York and gave me an appreciation for art. Alex will be a great dad because he has spent his entire adult life collecting stories and lessons on how to raise a great kid.

Alex leads story time for a friend’s son in the Bronx

Alex lights up when we meet our friend’s new baby

Matching hoodies!

Fun fact: Alex’s photography has been published in newspapers and books!

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