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Brad’s Family

I am blessed to have an incredible family. Almost my entire family is in small Texas towns. They taught me that you can handle anything that life gives you with hard work, laughter and a little hair spray. Like all families, there have been good times and not-so-good times, but we get through it all by relying on each other. I have two older brothers who were big into sports, so I played every sport available. I can already see myself as the dorky dad at my kid’s soccer game…I will be the one with the bag of orange slices!

In Texas, there is a saying, “Don’t Mess with Texas Women.” I am most proud of the women in my family because they are funny, tough and kind. I cannot wait to introduce my child to this bunch of gracious and fun-loving Texans.

Hanging out with Brad’s cousins in Texas

My Mom has a wicked sense of humor and she is an amazing artist. She is also a loving grandmother to my niece. She has already volunteered for babysitting duty. – Brad

Alex’s Family

My family is very close and we lean on each for advice and support. My parents and two older brothers are spread out across North America, so we all know the value of our reunion trips and video calls to close the distance. We get together for camping or holiday gatherings throughout the year. I am very close to my niece and nephew. They are terrific kids and will be amazing role models for our child. I have always been the family photographer and one day I hope I will be able to share these photos with my son or daughter.

Alex’s family takes a group photo on a camping trip

Alex’s nephew on a trip to NYC

My Mom owns her own business and travels all over the world.  She is fearless and a true inspiration. In all her travels, she always makes time to see her sons and grandchildren.  – Alex

Headed to California to visit Alex’s family

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