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Our Home Town

Living in New York is an everyday adventure! It’s busy, fun and a great place to grow up. Our neighborhood is safe, diverse and inviting. Our friends have taught us the importance of a stroller that can fit in a taxi!

Brad and Alex on uncle duty

Babies make brunch more fun!

We bought our home in 2013. We’re on the top floor, so we are surrounded by trees and can see the skyscrapers downtown at night. Our street is quiet with a big park at the end. We walk through the park every day.

Working around the house

Our home is crazy when we invite all our friend’s over!

Life Outside

When it’s warm we spend as much time as we can in the city’s parks. There are big parks, parks along the rivers and small community gardens throughout our neighborhood. Our favorite thing to do is spread a blanket on the grass and eat fresh fruit from the local farmer’s market.

A picnic in the park with friends

Kid’s Checklist for Our Neighborhood:

  • 3 Playgrounds in the park at the end of our block

  • 3 Community gardens on our block
  • Dog costume parade for Halloween

  • 10 Ice Cream shops in our neighborhood

  • Movies shown in the park

  • Countless festivals and public concerts

There’s lots to see outside of New York City…from the beach to the country

We love to explore New York in the fall

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