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Coast to Coast

Alex grew up in California, and moved to New York to work in publishing. Brad grew up in a small Texas town and moved to New York for college. This picture was taken in a photo booth just after we met.

Building a Life Together

In the coming years we built careers, made friends, and traveled from Maine to Spain, with many stops in between!  This photo is from a trip to Portland, Maine, where we went to see the leaves turn in fall and taste the famous seafood.

Making it Official!

We moved in together in 2005 and a few years later, went downtown to make our relationship official. This picture was taken from New York City Hall the day we became domestic partners.

Life is an Adventure

We have hiked across mountains in New Hampshire and the California desert. We look forward to showing our child the world.

Alex’s first trip to the Alamo


When it’s cold at home, we like to go somewhere warm

The Statue of Liberty is just a short boat ride away!

Road trip in West Texas

Waterfall selfie!


We spend our free time cooking, hanging out with friends and reading. Books have a big place in our lives and we want to share the excitement of reading with our child.

Alex’s job in children’s publishing means there are lots of books around!

Brad on babysitting duty

Taking a break from Thanksgiving dishes

Tennis time!

Enjoying some art at the Met Museum

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